A personal recollection of 'supercar' ownership in a very different era
A personal recollection of 'supercar' ownership in a very different era

Another weekend, another World Champion !

Another weekend, another World Champion ! lts
JD Classics in Maldon hosted their annual Breakfast Morning and the star was Jenson Button. He was interviewed by Simon Taylor who is the a top man for this kinda job. JB was promoting his book ‘Life to the Limit’. The interview was a personal look at Jenson’s life rather than 100% focus on F1. I purchased 5 books one of which will be in the raffle on our next event. Not long after he arrived I had a one to one chat with him ( nobody else seemed to want to !) and he was how he comes across on TV, thoroughly likeable.. Naturally I took a few pics !
His 2009 winning Brawn was on show…one of three this is the actual car that gave him his world championship.He had to fight Mercedes for this car. It was in his contract he would own it but Merc wanted to build him a replica.The courts decided otherwise !
JD boss Derek Hood chats to Taylor
The seven showrooms are unreal & immaculate
The Spa 6hrs winning GT40 piloted by Chris Ward & Andrew Smith
The Lamborghini 400GT registration is almost identical to my old car..mine ended in a 6 rather than a 3
Jenson chatted about his cars..an F40, P1, GT3RS, 275GTS, 275GTB and in LA, where he lives a McLaren 675LT
It was, all in all, a great morning, invitation only and a tenner in the charity bucket.
For those of you into watches, which I am not, Jenson was sporting a £20,000 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

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