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In 2003 I joined the internet forum known as BBS. It was mainly Lotus based and as I owned an Elise S1 at the time it seemed a logical step to join the fun.

HippersonIt soon became apparent from my contributions to the forum that there was an interest in the cars I was fortunate to have owned during the period 1965-85. Many suggested writing a book about my experiences with the ‘supercars’ during an era bereft of speed cameras and road aggression. It took another thirteen years and a double dose of unrelated cancers (now dealt with) to act as a catalyst to spur me on to complete a book in case the Grim Reaper paid me another visit !

A chance conversation with a reader of those anecdotes, Mark Cox, acted as the starting gun. He had a disc of every post over a two year period, some fifty five thousand words. This has been a huge help jogging my memory once more about events going back over forty years. I don’t expect to win the Booker prize but I hope you enjoy tales of a motoring world that is very different now and will never return. I have tried to show how enjoyable that period was and in some small way it gives an indication of what most of you have missed!