A personal recollection of 'supercar' ownership in a very different era
A personal recollection of 'supercar' ownership in a very different era


Michael Hipperson and The Elise Garden Party have been tireless in their efforts to help support charities, in particular the Little Havens Children’s Hospice, with over £300,000 raised since 2004.

Any profits made from the sale of Let Them Stare! will go towards helping increase this total and continuing the great work the hospice does supporting children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses and their families.

About Little Havens

Little Havens is the Children’s Hospice in Essex, offering regular respite, end of life care and bereavement support to children and their families who are affected by life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses. We opened our doors in March 1998 and were the first children’s hospice in the South East of England.

Little Havens is situated on a beautiful site of meadowland in Thundersley just outside Rayleigh. Parents and siblings benefit immeasurably from the home-from-home environment, in which they can take a break from the strain of constant care, and concentrate on being a family. The daily toll of caring for a child with life-threatening or life-limiting condition places a huge emotional, physical and mental strain upon the whole family.

Care is family focussed; predominantly on a short-term basis for respite, and when necessary, specialist terminal care is provided as a child is dying. Our Care Team comprises of fully qualified nurses, Registered Sick Children’s Nurses, Registered Nurses of the Children’s branch and other professionals including a teacher, social worker and play specialists.

Little Havens has been designed to provide forms of mental and physical stimulation for children of all abilities and age groups. Some of our main features include:
• Play areas
• Hydrotherapy pool and spa bath
• Computer room
• Multi-sensory room
• Landscaped gardens with external play equipment
• Children’s accommodation
• Family accommodation
• Bereavement suite

If you would like to donate to Little Havens Children’s Hospice then you can do so here.